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ITRR's Interactive Data puts recent and relevant Montana travel data at your fingertips, giving you the power to choose the data that best suits your needs and satisfies your curiosity. 

Nonresident travel data, as well as travel-related trend data, are available for your use.

We are currently updating our Interactive Data. When complete, these updates will be more dynamic and allow for greater interactivity. The new Visualizations also include updated methodology and weighting. Estimates are subject to change while we make these improvements.  Bookmark this page and check back often for new Interactive Data!

Scroll down to find the Interactive Data in the original format! It continues to be updated each quarter and is the most recent source of Nonresident Travel Data!

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Our full interactive data report with drop down filters replicating the feel of our Legacy report


Our full interactive data on a lighter dashboard with interactive filtering

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Monthly, quarterly, or yearly travel trend numbers are available for nine areas of interest: 

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 Interested in how we collect the nonresident travel data? Read about our data collection & analysis methods.

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